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MAC STEEL has floor-type milling-boring nachine, portal-type processing center, vertical lathe, deep-hole drilling machine, nulti-drilling machine and planer, which are multi-standard, high-precision and multi-function.
MAC STEEL has a wealth of machining experience and cases, such as the processing of tube sheets, food machinery, papermaking equipment, tank storage trucks, large oil tanks, pressure vessels, etc.

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Fundamentals of SSI Sintered Specialties. As our customer, you can expect:Ethical and professional interaction at all times from all team members regardless of role. Product delivered on time and to print specifications. Competitive pricing based on sound business principles and creation of value. An honest engineering evaluation of our Privacy Policy of SSI Specialties, LLC. - SSI SinteredSoft Magnetic Iron Base Alloys; High Density (FD) Tool Steel; Engineered Porosity (EP) Grades Data to be utilized for advertising communication purposes displayed in the form of banners and other advertisements on SSI Specialties, LLC., possibly based on User interests. SSI Sintered Specialties 3330 Palmer Drive Janesville, WI 53546 608 Effects of Powder Properties and Processing on Soft SSI-Sintered Specialties, Janesville, WI 53547 ABSTRACT With the advent of growth in soft magnetic applications suitable to Powder Metallurgy, powder manufacturers parts fabricators and end users of such parts must gain a better understanding of the relationships between powders, processing and the ultimate performance of soft magnetic P/M parts. Engineered Porosity (EP) Grades SSI Sintered SpecialtiesEngineered Porosity (EP) Grades. In applications such as filters, breathers, sound attenuators, and flame arrestors, control of the size, shape and distribution of the porosity is the critical aspect of the material.Where corrosion resistance is required in conjunction with high strength and/or high operating temperature, powder metal (PM) stainless steel and nickel-based alloys can provide SSI Receives 3M Supplier Quality and Service Excellence AwardSSI recently accepted the 3M Supplier Quality and Service Excellence Award an award given to a very small percentage of suppliers based on global performance. This award, and many others like it that SSI has received over the years, exemplifies our constant focus on quality, delivery, engineering support, continuous improvement, and High density MIM offers potential for soft magnetic Jun 11, 2009 · Press and sinter powder metallurgy (PM) technology has successfully been used for some time to produce ferrous-based PM soft magnets because of the ability to produce complex shapes with good magnetic properties. Soft PM magnetic materials available commercially include pure iron, phosphorus irons with 1% by weight addition of P improving Mpif F-0000-15 45p - Supa Stik LabelsSSI-45P MPIF/ASTM FY-4500, FY-8000 ISO F-00P05 DIN Sint-C35, Sint-D 35 JIS P1064, P1065, P1066, P1094, P1086 Iron with 0.45% phosphorus provides slightly higher magnetic output, increased permeability, and lower coercive force compared to pure iron. Ff Vggfcxcxdddggggrtfdfffffffnj & 0000 - Supa Stik LabelsMPIF/ASTM F-0000, FF-0000 ISO F-00 DIN Sint-C 00, Sint-D 00, Sint-E 00 JIS SMF 1015, SMF 1020, P1024, P1025, P1026 Offers the lowest cost solution for high magnetic output where the highest possible magnetic permeability and lowest coercive force is Mpif Standard 35 Structural Parts with Iron Carbon Steel CNPC Atomized iron powder is the best material that can be used for suppressing mechanical parts or structural parts and it is also some of the best welding material. Carbon, Copper, and Nickel Steels SSI Sintered Specialties. Iron without carbon additions is ferritic in structure, soft, ductile, and magnetic. 2012 Hagen Symposium:Hoeganaes develops the master The microstructure of this material sintered at 1180°C/30 min with a cooling rate of 0.7°C/s is mostly martensite with remaining areas of bainite. The master alloy has diffused into the structure to a high degree. This set of sintering conditions gives the highest strength of the test matrix. Wisconsin Powder Metal Parts Suppliers IQSSSI Sintered Specialties is the world's largest stainless steel powder metal (PM) components manufacturer capable of producing parts through high performance powder metal, metal injection molding, full density powder metal, and engineered porosity powder metal. exotic alloys, low alloy steels, soft-magnetic, stainless. Some of the PM2012 World Congress:Powder metallurgy process for Fig. 1 Metal alloy foam surfaces with pore size of 580 µm (left) and 3000 µm (right). (From paper:Alloy Metal Foam Process and Applications for Filtration and Catalysts Support by G. Walther, B. Klöden, B. Kieback, R. Poss, J.S. Bae, M.J. Jang, M.N. Park. Presented at the PM2012 World PM Congress, Yokohama, October 15-18, and published in the Congress Proceedings by JPMA/JSP&PM, Japan) CNPC introduces new aluminium alloy powder for Additive Jul 01, 2020 · CNPC Powder, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and having production facilities in China, reports that its recently established Automated Metal Production (AMP) line is producing a new range of aluminium powder explicitly designed for Powder Bed Mpif F-0000-15 - Supa Stik LabelsThe iron-0.45% phosphorus alloy at a 7.1 g/cm 3 minimum density and coercive field strength of 2.0 Oe would be designated as FY-4500-20X.. PM, Applications:Low stressed mechanical components Soft magnetic applications Equivalent MPIF Specification:F-0000-15. Copper, and Nickel Steels SSI Sintered Specialties. https://ssisintered Ssisintered 6 years, 281 days left - Site StatsJun 26, 2002 · SSI Sintered Specialties Company Profile On AECinfo. SSI Sintered Specialties is the world's largest stainless steel powder metal (PM) components manufacturing facility; We specialize in high-temperature sintering of stainless steel, soft magnetic alloy, tool steel, sinter-hardening alloy, and custom powder metal parts Global PM Property Database (GPMPD) - PIM InternationalThe MIM content of the database now covers a range of stainless steels, low alloy steels, iron-nickel elemental mixes, tool steels, soft magnetic grades and non-ferrous grades (Ti and Ti-6Al-4V). The basic structure and operation of the database remains similar to that first introduced in 2004 for conventional PM structural part and bearing ExOne expands 3D metal printing capability and adds to Aug 03, 2013 · Manufacturing iron-based products using ExOnes 3D printing technology allows for the direct creation of more intricate products than traditional manufacturing processes, and creates a more cost effective alternative to current 3D printing materials such as stainless steel. SSI Sintered Specialties, headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin Powder Metal Parts Suppliers Manufacturers IQS DirectoryPhoenix Sintered Metal, Inc. is a powder metal manufacturer making ferrous and nonferrous items. We design, produce and assemble sintered parts plus powdered metal parts and subassemblies for automotive and non-automotive purposes. Phoenix Sintered Metal, Inc. is a ISO 900 certified company. We look forward to hearing from you. Senthil Ram Nagapillai Durairaj - Manager - R&D - Sona Mixed ferrites belonging to the type Mn0.9Zn0.1Fe2O4 have been prepared by the double sintering method and by the chemical co-precipitation) for comparing their magnetic properties. Sintered and precipitated ferrites exhibit different characteristics, especially in their magnetic properties like magnetization (Ms), coercive field (Hc) and Curie Downsized powder choke coil helps boost battery charging Jul 16, 2013 · No,75, 2012, pp55-61) involves downsized low loss alloy powder E-type choke coils for PHEV/EV battery chargers. In one case cited by the researchers, the high saturation flux density of the alloy powder allowed the powder choke coil to be reduced in size by 34% compared with a conventional ferrite E-type choke coil, giving a weight saving of 45 Global Powder Metallurgy Markets 2020-2026:Market is Oct 20, 2020 · Ferrous or Iron Based Powder Metallurgy (P/M) Products Ultra-High-Temperature Sintering. Soft Magnetic Composites (SMCs) Hackers claim to have stolen 70 million Social Security Raw Material Processing - AISTSSI-Sintered Specialties is the world's largest stainless steel powder metal (PM) facility. As a leading producer of Powder Metal components, we specialize in high-temperature sintering of stainless steels, soft magnetic alloys, tool steels, and custom blends. With our ability to offer four process technologies, we are unique in the PM industry. mpif standard 35 structural parts with iron carbon steel Designed for light to moderate loading, they are economical to process due to their ease of machinability, ease with which they may be pressed to moderately high densities, mpif standard 35 structural parts with iron carbon steelCarbon, Copper, and Nickel Steels SSI Sintered Specialties(plate) 35Cr Steel Chemical composition, Metal Properties Arcast begins year installing multiple gas atomisers in Feb 06, 2020 · Arcast Inc., Oxford, Maine, USA, has announced it shipped and installed several new gas atomisers in January 2020. The company, a producer of advanced melting and metal powder atomisation systems, has supplied atomisers to the Center for Manufacturing Research of Tennessee Tech, USA; CEIT, San Sebastián, Spain; South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA; and Sheet Metal EMI Shielding Products & Suppliers Description:A soft magnetic alloy consisting of 80% Nickel, 5% Molybdenum, and balance Iron used where extremely high initial & maximum permeability and minimum hysteresis is needed. Description:SSIs engineered electrically conductive elastomers It is not a sintered, coated, or plated product. Its purity is typically that of the

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