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Apr 04, 2017 · 1 Aug 2019 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Vol. 68 A novel radial jet drilling stimulation technique for enhancing heat recovery from fractured geothermal reservoirs S. Salimzadeh, M. Grandahl, M. Medetbekova and H.M. Nick Experimental Study of Sand Distribution among Perforation

  • AbstractIntroductionProppant Transport in Horizontal LateralExperimental StudyDiscussionConclusionAcknowledgmentsMultistage horizontal fracturing is the key technique in developing shale gas reservoirs. In each stage, several perforation clusters will be placed to create complex fractures, and the parameters of perforation clusters are almost the same, so the production from each perforation cluster should be similar. However, in fact, production from each perforation cluster is different vastly. If the characteristics of the shale gas reservoir where the horizontal wellbore oriented through are similar, the cause that resulted in productioGas transmission capability curve of natural gas system Mar 01, 2021 · Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. Volume 87, March 2021, 103754. When the gas volume of the end load node is large, the pressure drop will be large and the node's gas pressure may be on the edge of the insecurity. i j = 1 / 68.03 R Praveen Linga PhD PE FRSC - Google ScholarChemical Engineering Science 68 (1), 617-623, 2012. 235: Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 35, 1362-7, 2016. 147:2016:Recovery of methane from a variable-volume bed of silica sand/hydrate by depressurization. C Haligva, P Linga, JA Ripmeester, P Englezos. Natural Gas - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsCurrently, the United States is producing about 68 BCF per day of total gas, netting 63 BCF per day of marketed dry gas as well as a large amount of condensate and natural gas liquids. This has allowed the United States to reduce its volume of imported oil from a high of 13.4 million barrel per day in August 2006 to the current (in 2014) 5 Journal of Environmental Health Science and EngineeringOct 08, 2021 · Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering presents timely research on all aspects of environmental health science, engineering and management.. Including Water pollution and treatment, Wastewater treatment and reuse, Air control, Soil remediation, Noise and radiation control, Environmental biotechnology and nanotechnology, Food safety and hygiene. Characteristics of Pressure Relief Gas Extraction in the Jun 08, 2021 · W. Yang, B. Q. Lin, Y. B. Gao et al., Optimal coal discharge of hydraulic cutting inside coal seams for stimulating gas production:a case study in Pingmei coalfield, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, vol. 28, pp. 379388, 2016. IRE Journals - Iconic Research, Science and Engineering IRE Journal is the multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal to publish research paper online. Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, and buildings. Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture. Characterization of Rock Mechanical Properties Using Lab
    • AbstractIntroductionGeological Conditions of The Research AreaStatic Rock Mechanical Properties from Laboratory ExperimentsDetermining Rock Mechanical Properties from Log InterpretationLog Interpretation Section of Rock Mechanical ParametersNatural Fractures and Rock Microscopic FailureConclusionsAcknowledgmentsThe tight gas reservoir in the fifth member of the Xujiahe formation contains heterogeneous interlayers of sandstone and shale that are low in both porosity and permeability. Elastic characteristics of sandstone and shale are analyzed in this study based on petrophysics tests. The tests indicate that sandstone and mudstone samples have different stress-strain relationships. The rock tends to exhibit elastic-plastic deformation. The compressive strength correlates with confinement pressure and elastic modulus. The Coupled Ordinates Method for Multigrid Acceleration of May 23, 2012 · Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Vol. 88 A numerical study on the pendant superheater of a 1000 MW coal-fired supercritical CO2 Gases An Open Access Journal from MDPIGases is an international, and interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal of gas science and engineering, published quarterly online by MDPI.Gases covers the field of applied science and engineering advances in natural gas, greenhouse gas control, and gas sensors. Our aim is to publish state-of-the-art papers, including original research articles, reviews, technical notes, and letters. Fracture Propagation Behavior of Jointed Rocks in Jointed rocks are typical examples of heterogeneous materials with joints. The existence of joints influences the physical properties of rock mass and propagation of fractures, which can affect production operations in engineering. A series of simulations is performed to understand the failure patterns and fracture propagation behavior of jointed rocks in hydraulic fracturing. Optimization study on the CO2 and H2S removal in natural Mar 21, 2019 · A.S. Lee, D.C. Miller, J.C. Eslick and J.R. Kitchin, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 18, 68 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 11, 12 World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 3 American Journal of Energy Engineering ::Science Dec 22, 2020 · The American Journal of Energy Engineering (AJEE) reports on the development of scientific and engineering knowledge in the planning, management, and generation of energy engineering. AJEE aims to promote rapid communication and dialogue among researchers, scientists, and engineers working in the areas of energy engineering. An Oil Pipeline Design Problem Operations ResearchApr 01, 2003 · Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Vol. 35 The Intelligent Crude Oil Anti-theft System Based on IoT Under Different Scenarios Procedia Computer Science, Vol. 96 Effect of Dissolution and Dispersion Conditions of VC-713
      • AbstractIntroductionExperimentalResultsAnalysis and DiscussionConclusionsData AvailabilityAcknowledgmentsVC-713 is a kind of hydrate kinetics inhibitor, which is widely used because of its strong hydrate inhibition. In this paper, VC-713 was dissolved and dispersed into its solution to various degrees by stirring the solution at the speeds of 600r·min1 and 12000r·min1. Then, under the condition of normal pressure and temperature change (gradually decreasing from 278.15K to 273.65K), the hydrate inhibitory effect of dissolution and dispersion of VC-713 on THF hydrate formation was studied. The variation in the conceCall for Papers 2021 - IJERT International Journal of Call for Papers 2021. We invite you to submit research papers from Engineering, Science and Technology Subjects. IJERT call for original research papers, survey papers, review articles, case studies and academic or scholarly articles to extended versions of previously published papers in conferences, scholarly journal or academic peer reviewed international journals are accepted. Modeling and simulation of large scale hydrogen production Dec 01, 2010 · Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. Volume 2, Issue 6, December 2010, Steam reforming, a reaction of natural gas (methane) or other light hydrocarbons such as ethane or propane with steam in the presence of a catalyst. gas velocity [m s 1] V. volume of volume zones [m 3] V cp. volume of catalyst pellet [m 3] x,y,z Erosion and Deposition in Turbomachinery Journal of May 23, 2012 · Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 3 Nanolayer (Ti,Cr)N coatings for hard particle erosion resistance Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 205, No. 19 Solid Friction Damping of Mechanical Vibrations AIAA JournalMay 17, 2012 · Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Vol. 33 Experimental investigation of the effect of in-plane vibrations on friction for different materials Tribology International, Vol. 99 The avian and wildlife costs of fossil fuels and nuclear Taking the mean, 142,100, and dividing it by the 2.87 million GWh coal, oil, and gas generators produced in 2006, one gets a fatality rate of 0.05 GWh. 3. The National Audubon Society has placed more than 6.7 million albatross, ducks, hawks, terns, and gulls in the United States on RECENT ADVANCES IN LATTICE BOLTZMANN COMPUTING 1 Sep 2015 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Vol. 26 On Initial Conditions for the Lattice Boltzmann Method Juntao Huang, Hao Wu and Wen-An Yong The Weak Tie Between Natural Gas and Oil Pricesat $32.35/bbl and the price of natural gas at $5.44/mmBtu, a ratio slightly less than six. From there the price of oil began a recovery while the price of natural gas continued to decline. At the start of September 2009 the price of crude oil stood at nearly $68.02/bbl and the price of natural gas was $1.88/mmBtu, a ratio of more than 36. Simulation of heat and momentum transfer in complex May 23, 2012 · International Journal of Engineering Science, Vol. 42, No. 5-6 The rarefaction effect on the friction factor of gas flow in microchannels Superlattices and Microstructures, Vol. 35, No. 3-6 IOPscience - JournalsJournal of Physics:Photonics. Machine Learning:Science and Technology. Materials Research E. Materials for Quantum Technology. Measurement Science and Technology. Methods and Applications in Fluorescence. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering. Multifunctional Materials. Nano E. A Phase-Field Method for Propagating Fluid-Filled Mar 19, 2015 · Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 49, 66-83. (2018) An h-adaptive thermo-mechanical phase field model for fracture. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design , 31-47. Review on the gas hydrate development and production as a Apr 07, 2011 · Gas hydrates consist of guest gas molecules inside hydrogen-bonded water lattices. Natural gas hydrates are found in offshore and permafrost regions. The large amounts of gas hydrate reserves suggest the potential of gas hydrates as an energy resource if economically viable production methods were developed. The proper understandings of hydrate formation/dissociation are important Numerical simulation of the abrasive supercritical carbon Apr 01, 2016 · Journal of Hydrodynamics, 2015, 27(2):210215. Article Google Scholar [3] HE Z., TIAN S. and LI G. et al. The pressurization effect of jet fracturing using supercritical carbon dioxide[J]. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 2015, 27:842851. Article Google Scholar [4] Aspects of Computer Simulation of Liquid-Fueled May 23, 2012 · 11 April 2018 Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol. 140, No. 8 Detection of Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow Based on CFD and Capacitance Method 14 August 2018 Applied Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 8 Seth Blumsack Penn State Department of Energy and Journal of Regulatory Economics 53:2, pp. 127-151. Tayari, Farid, Seth Blumsack, Russell T. Johns, Suli Tham, Soumyadeep Ghosh, 2018. Techno-economic assessment of reservoir heterogeneity and permeability variation on economic value of enhanced oil recovery by gas and foam flooding, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 166, pp International Journal of Science Education:Vol 43, No 13Jul 16, 2021 · International Journal of Science Education, Volume 43, Issue 13 (2021) Articles . Article. Contemporary science practice in the classroom:a phenomenological exploration into how online curriculum resources can facilitate learning. Mary Vamvakas, Peta White & Final Report on the Development of a Hydrogen-Fueled Jan 01, 1999 · Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy; ASME JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING FOR GAS TURBINES AND POWER, Vol. Comparative Study of Two Low C O 2 Emission Power Generation System Options With Natural Gas Reforming. J. Eng. Gas Turbines Power

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